flutter shorts

Special design flutter short~
Confortable material and it is adjustable!

In silver grey

In black

Zoom in photo of the shorts.

Linen comfortable material
Free size
Silver grey and black in colour~
Mizz can grab it @ rm39

Clearance sales @ rm28


LEFT silver grey (grab it fast!

Candy checkers

The sweet ladies, candy checkers~
Mizz can wore as a top with high waist stuff,
Or just wore as a dress~
2 ways wearing with only one piece!

With adjustable ribbon.
And strechable breast lenght.

3 colours available~

Cotton in material.
Free size
Black, candy blue and candy pink~
Mizz can grab @ rm 35

Clearance sales @ rm29

Zipper pencil

For mizz who like pencil skirt,
we present to u the zipper pencil skirt~

Blue pencil

Black pencil

Denim material(sretchable)
Blue and black in colour

Free size
mizz can grab it @ rm48

Clearance sales @ rm39

Black SOLD OUT!!

Sailor gal

Sailor dress recommended by Lena in VIVI mag!

In blue

In black

Cotton in material
Black and blue colour available~
Mizz can grab it @ rm 42

Clearance sales @ rm 30


ruffles dress

A dress that can wore as formal with blazer,
wore with shirt as skirt or inner skirt,
or just wore like that for dinner with accessories and go clubbing!

ruffles dress in black

For sharp appearance ladies,
ruffles dress in fuschia!

Combanation lycra and chiffon tube.
Available in black and fuschia,
and vivi mag recommended~
mizz can grab @ rm40

Clearance sales @ rm 30

fuschia reserved for Yvonne

Lacey dress

Present this pieces to those gals who
like cottage style and lacey~

Black lacey for classic feel?

Cream lacey for fair gals?

Purple lacey like royal feel?

It is free size and stretchable with inner zip at back.

Available in purple, cream and black.
mizz can grab @ rm 48

Clearance sales @ rm 35

Cake piece

Bored with normal singlet? we intro you our cake piece In grey
In white

In black
Mizz can wear this singlet in 3 different ways, mizz sure can play with more style when you grab this to home.

Free size with cotton material
Available in grey, white and black colour.
mizz can grab @ rm38

Clearance sales @ rm29

Grey and white SOLD OUT
Left the black only!

Vintage skirt

Flowery pattern?
Zipper ?
We present our first piece, the vintage skirt!
Specially for gals who want high waist stuff~
In beige
In black
Free size
Only black and beige in colour.
mizz can grab @ rm45
Black vintage SOLD OUT
Left cream vintage ONLY!

Clearance sales @ rm 32

Mizz house introduction

Hi babe,
welcome to mizz house,
The name before mizz house was iccyhouse,
because of some management problem,
we decide to make a new blog, new name but continue service to all of you and get more new trendy clothes.
Check us out every week! ^^
We having stock clearance in iccyhouse,
grab your lovely item in cheapest rate at